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The convenience for the dog owner is substantial. Not only is this a huge time saver for the owners, but also reduces the stress of grooming the dog.

What will be done and why

We cater for all breeds and crossbreeds, large and small. We cater for nervous or older dogs. Being groomed in their own territory makes them feel safer and relaxed. This is a total different experience for your pet.

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Know Your Breed

Educational and informative dog breeds 101. In-depth articles on understanding what each breed was bred for as well their specific behavioral traits, breed specific health dispositions and the latest show results.


Who ever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks obviously never explored this section. Discover amazing training tips and tricks from professionals, help with house training, basic commands, breed specific advice, socialisation, how to’s, fun and interesting facts, and loads more!

Nutrition and Health

Help identifying early warning sign of health issues, understanding a k9 nutritional needs, recipes for daily diets as well as awesome homemade treats, basic first aid and new break through market research. Your complete and convenient guide for proper pet care.

Adopt Don’t Shop – Project (Durban) – Bigger

If you are passionate about animal welfare you are in the right place, read how you can get involved and help, find information on non-kill animal shelters, hear about upcoming charity events and fun raising initiatives, advice on what to do in real life situation like finding a stray, features on breed specific rescues and amazing rescue and rehabilitation stories

Out and About

Discover the best pet friendly parks, beaches, restaurants, hiking trails, and accommodation that you and your furry friends can enjoy together. Because everything is better if you can do it with your pooch!

Just For Giggles

Read the funniest jokes, watch the most epic movies and share the most hilarious memes. This section guarantees to turn any frown upside down.

Specials, promos and competitions

Specials, specials and more specials! Keep checking back daily to take full advantage of our amazing offers and out of this world competitions.