More Convenience

The convenience for the dog owner is substantial. Not only is this a huge time saver for the owners, but also reduces the stress of grooming the dog.

What will be done and why

We cater for all breeds and crossbreeds, large and small. We cater for nervous or older dogs. Being groomed in their own territory makes them feel safer and relaxed. This is a total different experience for your pet.

Just For Giggles

Famous Dogs on the Internet

Here is a mind blowing list of the top 10 Most Famous Dogs on the Internet and yes, they all have more Facebook likes than we do LOL!

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National Dog Day 2016

Dog-e Style would like to wish everyone an amazing national dog day!

If you are not 100% what dog day is, here is a little info…

National Dog Day has two goals: to honour dogs, and to rescue dogs from homelessness and abuse states. It’s an opportunity for us to… Continue reading

What’s your K9 nickname?

Have you ever wondered what your K9 nickname would be? If yes then wonder no more…

This should be fun! Let’s see who has the funniest nickname. Feel free to share the fun and comment below!

P.S – my nickname is ‘Tiny hoppy poops rainbows’ LOL

Dog-e Style offers a… Continue reading