More Convenience

The convenience for the dog owner is substantial. Not only is this a huge time saver for the owners, but also reduces the stress of grooming the dog.

What will be done and why

We cater for all breeds and crossbreeds, large and small. We cater for nervous or older dogs. Being groomed in their own territory makes them feel safer and relaxed. This is a total different experience for your pet.

Know Your Breed

Top 10 smallest dog breeds

In this video we take a look at the top 10 smallest dog breeds from around the world!

From Pugs to Poodles we’re counting down the top ten smallest dog breeds! For this list, we aren’t looking at the smallest dog on record, but rather the small dog breed overall.… Continue reading

West Highland White Terrier

In this week’s video of ‘Know Your Breed’ we take a look at the awesome West Highland White Terrier.

The best way to describe this wee white Terrier dog breed from Scotland is simply to say that he’s so full of self-esteem that he knows he’s the… Continue reading